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Coil Color Coating Line

CCL1.2 Metal Steel Coil Coating Line

  • Coil Thickness:0.2-1.2mm
  • Coil Width:500-1600mm
  • Production Speed:0-120m/min
  • Coating Type:Continuously Coating

Steel Coil Coating Line/ Metal Coating Line

Steel coil coating line is a processing of coating sheet with organic paint. The coated sheet has good characteristic of printing, forming, corrosion resistance and decoration,  it still keeps the performance of high strength and deformability. The production of metal coating line sheet with high quality and multi-function develops recently, and the sheet with high corrosion resistance, high deformability, fingerprint resistance and microbial resistance will share part of market.
Metal coating line is capable of producing high-quality color-coated steel sheet with high levels of productivity, at a maximum speed of 120 m/min. The steel coil coating line applies steel coating to the steel sheet is configured with three rolls: pick-up roll, metering roll and applicator roll. This robust device obtains excellent coating weight uniformity and surface appearance, even during high-speed passing. Additionally, roping that occurs when using highly thixotropic coating materials is controlled by the Doctor Bar, enabling a beautiful coating to be achieved. A regeneration-type oven is employed for sintering of the steel coating, reducing the coating-related running costs and environmental impact.
Steel coil coating line produced from the metal coating machine is coated using multi-layer technology to meet visual requirements on the one hand by applying different colors, and to protect the final product on the other hand against corrosion, chemicals, UV radiation, and mechanical scratches.


Metal Coating Machine Layout

Technical Parameters



Raw Material

Galvanized steel coil, Aluminum zinc coil, Aluminum coil

Coil Thickness


Coil Width


Raw Coil Weight

≤15 tons

Final Coil Weight

≤8 tons

Roll-Coating Process

Twin coats on the front and back

Coating Thickness

Front max 40μm, back max 15μm

Line Speed

0-120m/min, max canbe 300m/min

Thermal Sourse

Water, electric, natural gas or oil

Line capacity

Max 150,000 tons/year

Line Speed

0-120m/min, max canbe 300m/min

Electrical Control System

PLC automatic control

Whole Review


Final Products 
steel coating,steel coil coating line,metal coating line

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