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Slitting Machine

SP1-6 Sheet Metal Slitter Machine

  • Coil Thickness:1-6mm
  • Coil Width:500-2000mm
  • Productoin Speed:0-80m/min
  • Pipe Material: HR CR PPGI GI AL CU etc

Sheet Metal Slitter / Metal Slitter

Sheet metal slitter is applicable to coils of various specifications. Metal Slitter is used for cutting metal coil into required narrow width, for the use of pipe welding or other punch line, through the procedure of decoiler, pre-leveller, shear, slitting and recoiler. Sheet metal slitter machine has advantages such as proper layout, easy operation, highly automated and high production efficiency.

This kind of sheet metal slitter is adaptable to process cold-rolled and hot-rolled coils, silicon steel coils, stainless steel coils, colored coils, aluminum coils, and all sorts of plated and coated coils, and metal slitter widely applies to many industries like automobiles, containers, household appliances, food packing, construction materials, etc. 

SP1-6 sheet metal slitter machine is applicable to coils of various specifications with the thickness of 1-6mm and width 800-2000mm. sheet metal slitter can produce HR CR PPGI GI AL CU.

Technical Parameters



Coil Material

SS / MS / GI / PPGI / HR / CR / Aluminum /Copper

Coil Thickness


Coil Width


Coil Weight


Coil I.D


Coil O.D


Strip Width


Number of Strip

5-30 slits

Slitting Accuracy


Line Speed


Electrical Control System

PLC automatic control

Whole Review





Steel coil slitting line

Final Products 

sheet metal slitter,metal slitter,sheet metal slitter machine

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