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Coil Laminating Machine

CLL0.8 Roller Laminating Machine Roll To Roll Lamination Machine Price

  • Coil Thickness:0.15-0.8mm
  • Coil Width:500-1600mm
  • Production Speed:0-120m/min
  • Laminating type:continuously laminating

Roll To Roll Lamination Machine / Roller Laminating Machine

Roll to roll lamination machine is mainly used for the production of color coated coil for household appliances, building materials, packaging materials and other industries. The designed roller laminating machine is mature and reliable, can meet the buyer’s stable production and long-term operation.

Final product

Final product produced by roll to roll laminating machine price are as following:
  • Base Material: cold-rolled plate (already washed), GI, PPGI. Tin-plate,
  • Front side can be achieved: 1 coating, 1 baking, laminating with PVC, PET film + protective film fits,
  • Back side can be achieved: 1 coating, 1 baking. laminating with PVC, PET film.


Roller laminating machine adopts the new technology such as composite chemical conversion layer surface treatment technology, reverse roller coating, electric and AC digital transmission system, etc. The final product has smooth surface, high film adhesive strength and high yield as main features of the roll to roll lamination machine price.
  1. Unique process configuration, easy to operate, short comissioning time.
  2. High adaptability of film, glue, paint, domestic and foreign products can be used.
  3. Roller are adopt the unique design of the three-roll roller coater, You can use positive and negative roller coating on the glue processing, the glue thickness is uniform and stable.
  4. The entire machine system adopts AC variable frequency drive, with perfect protection and self-diagnosis function, high precise speed and force control, stable and reliable production.
  5. Hydraulic Pneumatic System Pumps, valves using domestic high quality products.
  6. Unit automation according to the requirements of different users, roller laminating machine can be connected with each transmission through the communication mode, with high degree of automation and reliable operation.
  7. Pre-treatment agent can be purchased within country to reduce production costs.

Technical Parameters



Raw Material

Galvanized steel coil, Aluminum zinc coil, Aluminum coil, Tin plate

Film PVC,PET,PE, Aluminum foil, Composite film
Coating Polyester, silicon modified polyester, polyurethane, polyvinylidene fluoride, high polyester, epoxy, acrylic, PU/PA and the like.

Coil Thickness


Coil Width


Raw Coil Weight

≤15 tons

Final Coil Weight

≤8 tons

Roll-Coating Process

Twin laminating on the front and back

Line Speed

0-120m/min, max canbe 300m/min

Thermal Sourse

Water, electric, natural gas or oil

Line capacity

Max 150,000 tons/year

Line Speed

0-120m/min, max canbe 300m/min

Electrical Control System

PLC automatic control

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Laminated Products 
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