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Cut to Length Line

High speed steel cut to length machine line

Time:2020-05-29 13:51

High speed steel cut to length machine line is applicable to coils of various specifications. the machine produced by cut to length line is used for the producing flattened cut to length steel plate through the procedure of uncoiling, flattening and cutting to required width and length.

This cut to length line consists of loading cut, single pivot uncoiler, pre-leveler, hydraulic loop bridge, deviation corrector, fine leveler, servo length gauge, cut to length machine shear, belt conveyor, reversal discharger, stacker, discharging cart, servo transmission system, hydraulic system, etc.

1. Technical Parameters of steel cut to length line

Name\Model 3×1600 6×1600 8×2000 10×2200 12×2200 16×2200 20×2500 25×2500
Coil Material δs≤230N/mm2,Cold-rolled Coil,Hot-rolled Coil,Stainless Coil,Galvanized Coil,Al, Cu.
Coil Thickness(mm) 0.5-3 1-6 2-8 2-10 3-12 4-16 6-20 8-25
Coil Width(mm) 1600 2000 2000 2200 2200 2200 2500 2500
Length Range(mm) 500-4000 1000-6000 1000-8000 1000-10000 1000-12000 1000-12000 1000-12000 1000-12000
Cutting Length Precision(mm) ±0.5 ±0.5 ±1 ±1 ±1 ±1 ±1 ±1
Leveler Roll No. 15 15 13 13 11 11 9 9
Roller Dia(mm) Ф100 Ф140 Ф155 Ф160 Ф180 Ф200 Ф230 Ф260

2. Process Flow of steel cut to length machine

Raw material platform→ carrying coil car→ hydraulic uncoiler→ feeding guide plate→ pair pinching roller, five rollers leveling→ coil head cutting→ front looping table→ side guiding table→ pinching machine→ disc slitting→ curling machine→ back looping table→ pre-feeding coils→ tension table→ rewinding→ discharging car→ hydraulic bracket→ Electric control

cut to length line

3. Photos of cut to length line

Main Machine 1: Uncoileruncoiling uncoiler

Main Machine 2:  Leveling machineleveling leveler

Main Machine 3:  steel cut to length machinecut to length line

Main Machine 4:  Stroage machine

Workshop of whole cut to length line

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4. Final product by steel cut to length line

copper plate                         carbon steel plate                       aluminum plate                         stainless steel platecut to length product

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